smartphones – A Brief Review of the Vivo Y33s


If you are looking for a good bargain in the form of an all-in-one smart phone or media player then VIVO Y33S will be a good choice. This phone is a great buy since it has the functionality you need with the high-end feature set that many other phones do not have. It offers high-definition video recording, internet access, instant messaging and many other features that you may find very useful. To review some of the features this phone has set it apart from other phones. vivo y33s

First, the price. The Vivo Y33s is priced at a budget-friendly $400 for the unlocked version, which means that no matter what your needs are this phone comes in the place you expect. You can get a free device or save money by buying refurbished models. There is also a free 3 months of low rate calls to Canada with the promo code VIVOY33S.

Second, the looks. This phone comes in a nice simple design that is both attractive and eye catching without being too cluttered. The phone has a unique rectangular home button on top which makes it easy to use while also having a very sharp crystal display giving you plenty of bright light and clear viewing.

Third, the sound quality. This phone has a high quality speaker that offers clear audio with very low distortion. There is also a microphone built into the base, which is perfect for taking voice notes or even recording your own voice. The Vivo Y33s also offers a front speaker and volume rocker, which help make calling hands free much easier than it would be without this addition.

Fourth, the technology inside. The phone has a powerful dual core processor and plenty of memory space. Along with the powerful processor is the vivo y33s’ super sensitive camera that uses Ozo picture sharing software. With this powerful little camera you can take videos in up to Colour mode, slow motion and regular speed.

Fifth, the screen. It is something many phones just can’t live up to. The capacitive display is large, clear and crisp. When viewing videos on the Vivo Y 33s, you’ll notice just how sharp the colours are and how lifelike the pictures are. You can also download full resolution movies right onto your phone and watch them instantly with Vivo Y 33s.

Sixth, the connectivity options. The vivo y33s smartphone comes with GSM /GPRS connectivity and CDMA connectivity along with USB, Bluetooth, HDMI, Wireless data and Dual SIM cards. These allow for connectivity no matter where you are as long as you have an internet connection.

So in essence the YotaPhone is perfect for people who want a feature-rich yet inexpensive smartphone with everything they could possibly need. The price is extremely affordable and the build quality is top notch for a smartphone at this price point. If you need a smart phone that has everything but nothing else then the Vivo Y 33s is for you.

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