Senate To Investigate Dog Food Industry

As the recent burgeoning dog food recall continues to grow in the number of reported cases of dog deaths due to kidney failure, another manufacturer is recalling products it sells to pet retailers nationwide.

Dog biscuits are the latest dog food product to be added to the dog food recall that has resulted in the reporting of more than 12,000 complaints by consumers to the FDA

Sunshine Mills is the manufacturer of the now recalled dog biscuits which are sold by the Wal Mart chain of stores under the Ol’ Roy brand. The tainted dog food treats were discovered to contain wheat gluten contaminated with melamine, a chemical used in the manufacture of plastics and fertilizer.

Sen. Dick Durbin has now called for Senate hearings on Pet Food Regulations. The hearings will focus on Pet Food Labeling and why Menu Foods, the manufacturer of approximately 100 brands of contaminated pet and dog food waited 22 days until it recalling the dog food connected to kidney failure and death in dogs ifb senator wss 8 kg

The Director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, said it will “take a while” to determine the extent of the tragedy and…. pet deaths,

The commercial dog food industry exists, in our opinion, for only one reason. That being to profit the manufacturers and retailers of most of the low grade dog foods which is full of junk fillers, industrial garbage and toxins. In fact, many dog food manufacturers daily use rendered euthanized dogs in their products.

The ingredient list of many private label and major label dog food brands is nothing less than a scandal. The sad fact is that unsuspecting customers faithfully feed this poison to their dogs, not knowing that they are slowly killing their dogs in the process.

It is no wonder that our dogs live less than ½ of their realistic life expectancy and that so many die of cancer and unknown illnesses.

There are dogs foods that are good and healthy for your dog. These are not made with junk fillers, preservatives, by products and additives. Read your dog food label carefully. The first ingredients listed make up the majority of what’s inside. Make sure your dog is eating meat as a protein source and not by products or wheat gluten.


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