Everything About Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

The world of gadgets is extremely vast and attractive. From time to time, different devices from various companies are introduced. Innovative ideas have given a new face to mobile technology and enhanced consumer experience.

In 2009, Samsung brought a big change in the world of smartphones by introducing the Android based galaxy series. This series featured various smartphones powered by Google’s android operating system.The first handset of this series was introduced in 2009 and carried perfect specifications for attracting various users. The popularity of this series was extremely high after one year of its introduction. Various high as well as low end devices with attractive features were released to cater different customer needs. Technically, the wide range of devices from this brand played a major role in creating a trend for smartphones and gadgets. realme

Popularity among people

Samsung devices became extremely popular at an international level. Since 2009, their sales have increased a lot. From Galaxy Y to S5, various devices were featured under this series. Today, these devices are the heart of Asian smartphone market. They feature a perfect combination of reliability, performance and cost efficiency. As compared to other brands, this company has improved very quickly with its android based devices. Their effective battery and attractive UI gives best experience to regular mobile users.

Design and build of the devices

This series featured a perfect combination of design and build quality. As compared to other devices, these smartphones are much better in terms of looks and appearance. Their compact look and variable designs attracted millions of customers. You can easily get perfect screen size with a sleek and classy look.

Samsung brought a big improvement by introducing this series. Unlike other companies, they provided best combination of efficiency and reliability. Users not only love effective performance of the devices, but also appreciate friendly customer service from the company. In last five years, galaxy K, S, Y, M, Note and many other devices were introduced by the company. Proper support from android also helped in enhancing the performance of these devices.

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